Application Form

Particulars of child


Particulars of father

Particulars of mother

Preferred attendance

Medical Information

Documents required:

You will be required to bring the following documents to your first meeting at the Nursery:

– 2 passport sized photos of your child

– A copy of your child’s passport and QID

– A copy of your child’s immunisation record – for the safeguarding of all children at the Nursery, if your child is not immunised we cannot offer a place

– A copy of passport and QID for both parents

Conditions of entry

  • Fees payable in advance.
  • Written notice of intention to remove a pupil must be given three months in advance, otherwise a terms's fees are due in lieu of notice.
  • Reduction of days/time booked also requires 3 months notice and is accommodated at our discretion
  • If the Nursery is able to fill the place the term's fees may be refunded
  • Places are given after familiarity session.
  • Parents must ensure prompt collection from nursery, or a penalty charge may be incurred.