Admissions Policy  

At Park House English Nursery, we welcome children from 2 months until 3 years and 11 months. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, a child has to leave the nursery setting by their fourth birthday.

Once you have visited Park House English Nursery, the next step is to fill in the admissions form.

You will receive receipt of your admissions form, and your family will then be invited to a meeting with the Head of Nursery and a Lead teacher where we will get to know more about you and your child.

Once a place has been offered there is a non-refundable admission fee of QR1,900 for each application, and all requested documents will be required. Parents are issued with an Information sheet and asked to provide further medical details, emergency contacts etc. Following receipt of this, parents are given an opportunity to ask further questions and are issued with a welcome pack.

The child will then be placed in the waiting pool for the desired entry date.

Children are offered places at the Nursery subject to availability. Places are offered by email and an acceptance of place form is attached to the offer email.

Each child is invited to a settling in play date before they start at the nursery, this is so we can get an idea of the group most appropriate for your child to join. We ask that your child comes into nursery with you to spend an hour or so in a class, during which time a teacher will spend 1:1 time getting to know your child.

When a place becomes available a starting date will be offered. All fees are due to be paid before the start date.

Please note we will give priority to Nursery children going to Park House English School, but due to available places, we cannot promise a place.